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Changing the world one pair of leggings at a time! We donate 5% of every sale to female athletes and projects that support women’s sport.


Virtuous Circle

Can you believe that of all the media coverage of sport in the uk, only 7% is dedicated to women? Even more staggering is the fact that of all the commercial money invested into sport in the uk, only 0.4% goes into the women’s sector.

It’s a sad fact that without media coverage, sponsors will not invest in women’s sport, leaving female participants unable to follow their dreams and leaving the various sports without professional role models that inspire the next generation.

At Boudavida we want to change this situation. We want to ensure that money from the sale of women’s products goes directly back into women’s sport and exercise. We want to help create role models and communities of women and girls who believe as we do that sport and exercise is a vital part of living a healthy, happy life.

In short, we want to create a virtuous circle that supports the women and girls who will one day inspire the next generation of women and girls to get active.

If you are an aspiring athlete, or are involved in a grass roots programme for women or girls, and want to be one of the recipients of our 5% donation, please write to us at and tell us exactly why we should consider you.

Our Projects

  • Coach Annie Z
  • She Runs
  • Women In Sport
    School Sport
  • Coach Annie Z

    • name: Coach Annie Z Foundation
    • sport: Football
    • town/area: South London, East / West Midlands, Manchester
    • who is it for? BAME girls and young women 

    Describe the purpose of the project:

    The overall vision of the Coach AnnieZ Foundation is to use football as a tool to engage with BAME girls and young women - to empower, inspire and encourage them to follow their heart and achieve their full potential.

    The Coach AnnieZ Foundation will give BAME girls and young women a safe platform where they can engage in football sessions to develop transferable skills and have fun with their peers, in an environment which is respectful of their religious and cultural needs.

    As a female Muslim coach I understand the religious, cultural and family barriers these girls often face and I have channeled this into the work of the foundation which provides them with an outlet by positively engaging in football.

    I have the responsibility of making sure that I am a coach who they can relate to based on my gender, race, region and cultural background. The foundation provides girls with the right tools to support their development as aspiring footballers, coaches or in any other career path that they wish to pursue.

    When did you set up Coach AnnieZ Foundation?

    After I won the Sky Sports Women of the Year 2015 and Helen Rollason Award for Inspiration I was invited to be a guest speaker at the FIFA Women’s International Conference in Zurich (FIFA HQ). This inspired me to set up the Coach AnnieZ Foundation with the support of my advisor Andy Reed OBE who shared my vision for the foundation and the positive impact it can have on young people.

    With Andy’s guidance I created a five-year business plan which includes the foundation working regionally and nationally. We are currently waiting for our charitable status confirmation and once we are officially registered as a charity we will be in a position to seek funding to deliver mentoring and coaching sessions to empower, inspire young women from diverse communities.

    What are your goals / ambitions for the projects?

    We have a five-year business plan to deliver projects in South London, East and West Midlands and Manchester. Once we have achieved this we aspire to take the foundation internationally. I have already had a taste of this having travelled to Malaysia in 2016 as a guest of the British High Commissioner who gave me the opportunity to coach young refugees girls from the Rohinya community.

    We would also we love to get more young girls from BAME communities into football, whether it be playing or coaching.

    What will you put your Boudavida donation towards?

    The donation from Boudavida will be put towards delivering football sessions to young girls as part of the elite development sessions and also the social inclusion community coaching sessions. These sessions will continue to support individual player development and empower them to develop self-confidence on and off the pitch.

    Describe the hardest challenge in sporting career that you have had to overcome?

    The hardest challenge I have had to overcome aside from racism, sexism and Islamaphobia is being accepted and taken seriously as a professional elite coach that I feel I have the potential of becoming. I have sacrificed so much to spend time studying, watching, delivering and planning training sessions to showcase my potential, knowledge and game understanding as an elite coach. Football is my passion and I am going to continue to chase my dreams of becoming a full-time paid coach in a professional club.

    What has been the greatest success of the project so far?

    The greatest success so far has been the website - seeing my vision become a reality is still very much surreal. This has given me more focus and hunger to make the foundation fulfill the potential it has to empower, inspire and engage with young girls through football.

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    annie z speaking


    coach annie z charity


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  • She Runs

    • name: She Runs Chelmsford and She Runs Southend
    • sport: Running
    • town/area: Chelmsford and Southend
    • who is it for? Women from a variety of ages and running abilities

    describe the purpose of the project?

    SherunsChelmsford & SherunsSouthend along with WomenTime deliver running activities while sharing life experiences and worries. We ask women to pledge to be active where they receive a FREE pair of trainers donated by other women. Women share their tips for progress in running and it allows women their own time to get out and explore and improve all round fitness. 

    Coaches who deliver our runnings groups not only have qualifications in running, but also in Mental Health and are First Aid trained, so women can feel at ease discussing any issues and mental health problems they are facing.

    who is the project run by?

    The project is led by Hayley Pegg, a This Girl Can Ambassador based in Essex, along with the other ambassadors.

    what are your goals/ambitions for the project?

    We hope to enable women to build a life-long love with running and create fully inclusive groups where no matter, age, ability or experiences everyone is welcome.

    We would like all members to take part in Mental Health First Aid courses so they can spot signs in others.

    what will you put the boudavida donation towards? 

    The donation will go towards Mental Health First aid training and also the CPD training of the coaches.

    what would your motivational running quote be?

    Strive for Progress, not Perfection!

    what has been the greatest success of the project so far?

    The greatest success of the project is receiving 100 pairs of trainers from women who want to help other women to get active.

    We have also helped women who suffer from Agoraphobia to attend sessions and become a runner.

    Further information:

    Twitter – @sherunschelms 


  • Women In Sport

    • name: Changing The Game For Girls
    • sport: School Sport
    • town/area: National UK
    • ages: School ages

    Who is the project run by?

    Women in Sport is a national charity which works to address the gender imbalance in sport. We seek to empower women and girls in the UK through sport, creating opportunities for every woman and girl to play sport and be physically active, from early years and throughout her life.

    What age group is the project intended for?

    Girls of any age, but particularly at two key life stages: aged seven and thirteen.

    Can you describe the challenges that inspired this particular campaign?

    There are certain stages of a girl’s life known as the “tipping point” when she is most likely to drop out of/disengage with sport and physical activity. This is due to increasing awareness of gender stereotypes, becoming more self-conscious and less confident.

    Key challenges for girls include:

    - Gender stereotype conditioning from an early age, which means that girls begin to disengage with sport as early as age seven, due to seeing sport as a “boy” activity.

    - Secondary school age girls perceive there to be more barriers to taking part in PE and school sport than boys – 82% of girls identify at least one barrier compared to only 58% of boys.

    - The number of teenage girls playing sport remains largely static, and consistently lower than the number of boys for the past 10 years.

    What are your goals/ambitions for the project?

    The benefits of sport include better cognitive function, behaviour, attendance and academic outcomes, which girls who are not active miss out on.

    Girls who play more sport have lower self-objectification and body image concerns, and a recent study by UEFA found that 46% of girls who play sport feel more confident than other girls their age. Teenage girls who engage in sport at least once a week are significantly more likely to enter a management role once employed, then those who are physically inactive at this age.

    Through this strand of our work we aim to:

    - Campaign for and encourage best practice in sport provision for girls.

    - Educate and engage the key influencers in girls’ lives e.g. parents, to motivate them to be active, and to reduce drop out from sport at key life stages.

    How will the boudavida donation be spent?

    Women in Sport is a charity and relies on donations to enable our work to happen. Our work currently reaches 17,000 girls in the UK and over 375 sports clubs and organisations who engage with them.  Support will enable us to expand the number of girls and organisations we can work with, ensuring all girls can access the physical, mental, emotional and social benefits that sport provide, in order to lead fulfilling lives.

    Further information:

    Facebook –
    Twitter – @womeninsport_uk
    Instagram – @womeninsport_uk



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