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Changing the world one pair of leggings at a time! We donate 5% of every sale to female athletes and projects that support women’s sport.


Virtuous Circle

Can you believe that of all the media coverage of sport in the uk, only 7% is dedicated to women? Even more staggering is the fact that of all the commercial money invested into sport in the uk, only 0.4% goes into the women’s sector.

It’s a sad fact that without media coverage, sponsors will not invest in women’s sport, leaving female participants unable to follow their dreams and leaving the various sports without professional role models that inspire the next generation.

At Boudavida we want to change this situation. We want to ensure that money from the sale of women’s products goes directly back into women’s sport and exercise. We want to help create role models and communities of women and girls who believe as we do that sport and exercise is a vital part of living a healthy, happy life.

In short, we want to create a virtuous circle that supports the women and girls who will one day inspire the next generation of women and girls to get active.

If you are an aspiring athlete, or are involved in a grass roots programme for women or girls, and want to be one of the recipients of our 5% donation, please write to us at and tell us exactly why we should consider you.

Our Projects

  • Lea Rowing Club
  • Anna Tunnicliff
  • After Breast Cancer
  • Lea Rowing Club

    • name: Lea Rowing Club
    • sport: Rowing
    • town/area: Hackney, East London
    • who is it for? Women aged 12 to 85

    Describe the purpose of the project:

    The Lea Rowing Club is a community organisation in Hackney, East London.

    In its current incarnation as the Lea it has been there since 1980, but it is an amalgamation of the existing clubs that were using (and sharing) the boathouse at that time – there has been rowing on the Lea from the site of the current boathouse since at least the 1860s. The Lea is one of the “original” female participation rowing clubs (as Stuart Ladies RC, immediately prior to the unification as the Lea,though the earliest local newspaper credit goes to the Upper Clapton Ladies Rowing club in October 1895. Little is known about them except to say that this was the year before Doctor Furnivall founded the ‘first’ Ladies sculling club in Hammersmith) and number many extremely successful female athletes amongst our alumni, including several Olympians and a winning Head of the River crew to name just a few.

    We currently have over 450 members (of whom more than half are girls and women) and as such are one of the largest rowing clubs in the UK. Our members are aged between 12 to 85 (or more) and come from all walks of life, united by a love of rowing and of the Lea.

    Who is the club run by?

    The Club is run by the membership, who are all volunteers!

    Almost everything is done on a voluntary basis – by members for members – we have a very small number of paid posts in the Club – the vast majority of our coaching team, for example, is made up of volunteers, as are the board and the various committees responsible for the running of the Club.

    What are your goals / ambitions for the club?

    We aim to be an active community club as well as to produce locally, nationally and internationally competitive athletes and have a wide and varied membership, ranging from juniors who have competed as part of the GB team, Henley champions and Olympians, right through to recreational rowers, social members and almost everything in between.

    Our success is measured in many ways – through our many GB and England vests, Henley (including Women’s Henley and Henley Masters) wins and local, national and international regatta successes and participation, through our recreational activities – including, for example, participation by our Masters Women this year in the 44th Vogalonga event in Venice, multi-day rows from Hackney to Henley and recreational “exchange” expeditions with other local clubs, through our new “indoor rowing” programme and through our place in the local East London community.

    We are really passionate about what we do for women in rowing at the Lea, but maybe even more so, for women in sport generally and in the community.

    We’re a fantastically supportive and friendly squad, with the elite women mixing in with the brand new novices both on and off the water for example, which is hugely inspiring.

    What will you put your Boudavida donation towards?

    Although the Lea has a big part in the history of women’s rowing, as little as 5-10 years ago, there were probably fewer than 20 women in the racing squad and, thanks to our strategic recruitment and successes, that has now bloomed to well in excess of 160 regular racing members (including more than 50 juniors), ranging from people who have learned to row this year right through to women and girls who have represented GB and England and won events at Women’s Henley and Henley Masters regattas and other high profile events, and who are at all ages and stages of their rowing careers.

    With the squad having grown so much and so rapidly, we find ourselves very short of dedicated equipment and resource within the Club with many of our athletes having to train with very old and inappropriate equipment and, for example, to train on land when they would be better served on the water, as well as often having to coach themselves.

    This means that the women’s side of the club is really in very great need of funds, for new boats/oars and refurbishment (there is some equipment that can be, and is, shared, but mainly due to the differing weights/shapes/sizes, it’s often not practical or even possible for men and women to share) but also, very significantly, to recruit a head coach to oversee the women’s squad in order to maximise our potential.

    We would very much like to keep growing the women’s squad, both in terms of size and success, but right now, we are having to turn people away, as the numbers and demand simply outstrip the resource.

    What has been the greatest success of the project so far?

    It’s almost impossible to pick on a single event or achievement here, but we are desperately proud of the fact that we have been able to grow athletes that have never been in a boat before into winners of Women’s Henley and beyond, but maybe even more so of the fact that every year, the Club attracts women that have NEVER participated in any kind of sport/activity before and transforms them into successful, enthusiastic and happy athletes - it’s really pretty amazing!

    boudavida - lea rowing club


    lea rowers on river


    lea rowing club - rowers


    lea rowing club - rowers

  • Anna Tunnicliff

    • name: Anna Tunnicliff
    • sport: Cricket
    • town/area: West Malling, Kent
    • who is it for? Women & girls

    How did you get into cricket?

    My husband, stepson and son are all cricket mad. There were no women playing cricket at the club, and only 1 girl. I am not one to sit on the sidelines, so offered to help with coaching the children. This is when I completed my level 1 coaching qualification. After a comment about me making the tea, I decided to undertake my level 2 coaching children in cricket qualification.

    Tell us a bit about your work.

    My regular job is as a nurse. I am a volunteer coach. I run a lunchtime club for girls at our local primary school, assist with the after school club, and run a women's only coaching session one evening a week. We have been running the ladies for 1 year and started with 5 of us, now have 20 ladies playing softball cricket! I have played in some of the mens hardball games…. and got wickets in all of them! Never say you can’t do something! On Friday nights I coach mixed sessions of U8s and U10 children; approximately 30 each week. I am striving to build a girls section ‘the Cygnets’.

    Who is the project intended for?

    My project is for women and girls of all ages and abilities to have fun, keep fit, meet new people and inspire a love of sport.

    What are your goals / ambitions for the club?

    My goal is to have a girls team by the end of the season, and to keep growing our numbers. The Swans and Pens have entered 2 tournaments and will enter more this season. We will be hosting our own softball tournament this year. I organised and had funded by Kent cricket and the ECB to run a female only coach support worker course (level 1), which was attended by 20 women from across Kent.

    What will you put your Boudavida donation towards?

    My donation will go towards keeping subs low or free. We need to buy some smaller equipment. I would like to be able to hire a sports facility over the winter so that we can continue to train for free.

    What has been the greatest success of the club/your work so far?

    My greatest success so far is inspiring a love of cricket in my daughter and some of her friends. We have made cricket at our club a real family affair for all the members, and hope to grow this. Cricket is an inclusive sport for you, and we are proof of that. I aim to be an inspiration to be daughter, that girls can do anything they want, and that includes cricket!

    I have been awarded Kent Coach of the Year for 2018 and as a result I’m in the running to become National Coach of the Year!

    boudavida - anna tinnicliff


    boudavida - anna tunnicliff


    cricket group - anna tunnicliff

  • After Breast Cancer

    • name: After Breast Cancer
    • sport: Various
    • town/area: Jersey
    • who is it for? Women: before, during and after treatment of breast cancer.

    Tell us about the fitness programme.

    The classes started as a 12 week course every Tuesday 4.15-5.15pm after attending a health talk between 3.30-4pm to gain knowledge on all aspects of health e.g. pelvic floor, nutrition, physical activity to name a few. Each sessions consists of three sections, a warm up, main and cool down. The warm up focuses on mobilisation around the upper body, moving onto the main section that is a circuit based format followed by a cool down, finishing with a brief relaxation. Classes are very flexible to individuals ability levels, pace and range of movement with a Level 4 Cancer Rehabilitation Specialist.

    The classes have now been running for 1 year 7 months. We have developed the classes further by now offering a Pilate class on Thursdays 4-5pm for all ladies who have completed the 12 week course. More recently I have just started an evening exercise class for those ladies who work, 7.15-8.15pm Wednesdays. I am really hoping these classes will continue for as long as possible as I see such a difference in all the ladies who attend, their self confidence, range of movement and openness to talk about what they have been through.

    Tell us a little bit about the group.

    ABC Jersey is a local breast cancer charity which started in 1999 and they are here to support people before, during and after treatment.

    ABC can help not only emotionally but financially by offering practical support during treatment with:

    • - Flights to the UK for appointments or treatment (ABC will also pay for a friend or family member to accompany you)
    • - Cleaning & ironing services
    • - Assisted Childcare costs
    • - Wig purchases
    • - Lymphoedema sleeves
    • - Tattooing after reconstructive surgery
    • - Post operative bras
    • - 12 week fitness program

    Who is the group run by?

    Our group is run entirely by volunteers who have either experienced breast cancer or are family or friends of cancer sufferers/survivors.  Our ages run from ladies in their late 30s right up to one lady who is 86 and an original member from 1999!

    How will the Boudavida donation be spent?

    We would like to use the funds to continue our exercise classes. We would like to supply the ladies with water bottles, towels and mats so that they can exercise comfortably.

    boudavida - after breast cancer


    boudavida - after breast cancer

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