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From Workout to Coffee

December 11, 2017

Guest Blog: Natasha Musson

We invited Natasha Musson back for a second time to the Boudavida blog, this time accompanied by Bath-based personal trainer Zita Alvez.

With a shared love of fitness and style, we knew these confident ladies would teach us a thing or two about how to style the new Boudavida range, with a complete workout from personal trainer Zita Alvez.

Now, we wouldn't usually suggest that every workout needs several outfits! But, when you've got Natasha's styling advice readily available, it seemed the perfect opportunity to pair outfits with exercises.

Take it away Natasha...

Motivation is our middle name. As a stylist I spur women to be confident with their style, and as a Personal Trainer Zita stimulates women to feel good about their figures.  I wanted to put this fabulous collection from Boudavida to the test and Zita, owner of Zest Bootcamp, was the perfect person to join me.

We had a deal. I'd style her in some coloured leggings and she'd teach me how to Box!

Zita teaches all her Zest Bootcamp classes outside so we are both fans of fresh air and fitness. We were blessed with a sunny day to do our outdoor workout and shoot in the beautiful surrounds of Kilver Court, in Shepton Mallet.  We braved the temperature and got warmed up quick.

First up, in true bootcamp style, were some mountain climber exercises. It was my mission to convince Zita into wearing the Zoom Leggings in Leaf Print and Dynamo Vest in turquoise as she was quite fearful of wearing bottoms that weren't black! I succeeded. I chose Boudavida's Brio Capri cropped leggings in black and kept warm in the Rise Midlayer in white, which is a lovely, lightweight cover up to work out in.
Zita covered up in Valiant Hoodie in granite - she loved the ultra-soft feel of this hoodie and the luxurious rose gold details.
Next, some up-tempo cardio: boxing!
Zita kept her end of the deal and started me on a boxing workout using focus mitts and boxing gloves. Boxing is a great all-over workout and uses so many muscles - it's really great to get the blood flowing, especially in the colder months!
Boxing was fantastic. Great for a burst of energy (and anger management!)
Following our hard work, we then cooled off and changes into some looser items in the Boudavida range to stretch it all out. We got down to some Bicycle Kicks on the mats to help work on our core and build on those tummy muscles, then changed sides to do some press-ups.
Finally it was time for coffee and, after that work out, didn't we deserve it?! In my opinion, Boudavida's items are so versatile that you can wear them anywhere and everywhere - no need to change after your workout! Just pop on a cover up and you're glammed up for the coffee shop.
Fact: coffee can be great for you post-workout and a fantastic pick-me-up.

I'm wearing the gorgeously soft Cwtch Hoodie in cloud grey (with contrast orange drawstring) and Zita threw on the loose fit Swagger Tee.




Natasha Musson | Personal Stylist


Zita Alvez | Personal Trainer



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Kilver Court Designer Village, Kilver Street,
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Somerset - BA4 5NF
United Kingdom.
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