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We Catch Up With... Mini Mermaids

November 20, 2017

We Catch Up With... Mini Mermaids

We caught up with one of our recent beneficiaries, the Mini Mermaids project - a brilliant initiative which encourages young girls to get active through running, whilst also teaching them methods of managing stress and mental health issues.

How have things progressed with the Mini Mermaids programme since we last spoke to you?

We have continued to grow and develop our programmes and we have launched programmes in the London borough of Hackney and Islington. Heading into our third year, it is brilliant to see girls who started with us in year one to be taking part in their third programme with us. We have also piloted our boys programme (Young Tritons) in Leeds and are ready to launch this.

How many girls now attend the programme?

We have had over 600 girls through the programme so far.

What has been the greatest success of the project so far?

Having the girls who took part in the first programme, all coming back and taking part in their third programme now. The development and confidence that these girls have is fantastic and how they now see the value in movement and activity regardless of what that movement is.

Have you seen a difference in girls’ confidence through the running group?

YES! In all our programmes, you can see the girls growing in confidence throughout. This is helped by the conversations and journal work that they girls do to complement this.

Where would you like to take the project next? Are there plans for expansion?

We have just launched in London and are hoping to launch in Liverpool and South Shields in the next year.

What will the Boudavida donation be spent on? How will this help you to carry on with the project?

The AMAZING donation from Boudavida will provide resources for 4 programmes, which includes the fab technical T shirts the girls get, the journals and coaches handbooks.

Where do you see Mini Mermaids in 5 years’ time?

In every school in the UK!


Read more on the Mini Mermaid running club here:



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