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We Catch Up With...Coach Annie Z

July 12, 2018

One of our recent beneficiaries was the Coach AnnieZ Foundation, a charity using football to empower and inspire young women and girls and break down the religious and cultural barriers girls face in the sport. We spoke to Annie to find out how they’ve been getting on.

What progress/changes have happened for you and for the Coach AnnieZ Foundation over the past 6 months?

Coach AnnieZ Foundation is now officially a registered charity, the whole process has literally been blood, sweat, tears & a lot of waiting but once we received the confirmation email it was worth all the stress we endured.

How will the funding be used to help the foundation?

The funding will be used to get some marketing materials such as business cards and banners so when we are doing roadshows nationally we will be able to look more professional, as well as promote the foundations great work we aim to provide.

What has been your proudest achievement so far for the foundation?

Using my platform that I have been blessed with to turn my vision into a reality to empower, inspire and encourage more women and young females not only to be more involved in the beautiful game of football but also using the foundation to help them realise they have the potential to achieve anything and everything with self belief, hard work, grit and determination as I’m living proof that dreams do come true.

What are your plans for the future and where would you like to see the Coach AnnieZ Foundation in 5 years' time?

When I was putting together my business plan for the foundation it was for a 5 year period. We can’t reveal too much of what this consists of, but I can assure you the foundation will have a greater impact not only with the girls who will be involved with it, but also the wider society. We welcome any organisations who wish to work or be involved with the foundation to get in contact with us.

Find out more about Annie and the AnnieZ Foundation here:

Address :
Kilver Court Designer Village, Kilver Street,
Shepton Mallet,
Somerset - BA4 5NF
United Kingdom.
Tel : 01749 347303
Email :

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