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Meet the ‘This Girl Can’ ladies who will be tackling our Boudavida 10K

September 14, 2017

With the 10K only 9 days away, we thought that we would meet our 'This Girl Can Run' ladies who will be taking part in their first ever 10K event – for most of them, their first ever event! These 10 ladies are all local to the Berkshire area, and we have supported them alongside Get Berkshire Active and Polar (leaders in wearable fitness technology), to help get them training and ready for the run on the 23rd September.

These ladies have inspired us by taking on this challenge, and we can’t wait to greet them as they cross the finish line. Let’s meet them:

Gillian from Pangbourne

Gill’s inspirational goal is to complete the Boudavida Women’s 10K whilst juggling chemotherapy treatment and planning for radiotherapy. With the help of Macmillan rehabilitation classes, Gill is able to utilise a personalised walk-to-run 10k programme to gently improve her fitness. Gill is using the Boudavida 10K as a motivating tool, and looks forward to being part of a team with a strong support system.

Kate from Bracknell

A woman who was tired of always feeling tired, Kate decided to put her name forward for the Boudavida Women’s 10K in September. Having tried and failed previously to do the couch-to-5K challenge, Kate felt motivated by the This Girl Can slogan to take on an even bigger challenge. Gaining confidence day-by-day, Kate has even taken part in the Bracknell Park Run and was surprised by how much progress she has made. Smashing a PB in the parkrun gave Kate a new spring to her step and we look forward to cheering her on as she tackles the 10K.

Isabel from Windsor

Izzy is no stranger to running, having previously run a half marathon ten years ago; however since giving birth a year and a half ago, running has fallen along the wayside whilst Izzy prioritized being a mother. Feeling unconfident about returning to running post-childbirth, Izzy has maintained a slow pace to ease herself in gently. This hasn’t stopped her joining in with two park runs as part of her training, and Izzy has remembered why she loves running so much: “It’s the easiest, cheapest, and for me, most rewarding form of exercise… I get to be outside… and I can do it with my husband and daughter.”

Cara from Wokingham

Cara signed up to participate in the Boudavida Women’s 10K following a diagnosis of complex mental health needs, anxiety and depression. Cara had previously tried exercising after it was recommended as a natural way to balance anxiety and depression, yet the actual process of committing to an exercise seemed difficult and Cara became demotivated. Wanting to regain control over her life, and offset the weight gain associated with her prescribed medication, Cara went to the shops and bought herself a new pair of trainers to remind herself of the end objective – completing the 10K.

Jessica from Maidenhead

Jess was looking for a way to shake off the ‘lazy student’ lifestyle that she had become accustomed to whilst studying for a Creative Writing degree in Liverpool. She soon came to realise that a lot of the training preparations (the buying of gym wear and trainers, and telling everyone that she would be completing a 10K) was a lot easier than the training itself. As Jess’s lungs stop ‘feeling like they’re on fire’, and her muscles ache less, we look forward to seeing her cross the finish line with pride.  

 Amelia from Newbury

Having never run before, Amelia viewed the Boudavida Women’s 10K as an opportunity to improve her fitness and try something new. Amelia is putting her all in, and has even signed up to two local running groups to continue to motivate herself. Overwhelmed by how welcoming the running groups have been to someone with “obviously low fitness levels”, Amelia has made friends with people within the running groups and they have been encouraging Amelia through every step of her progress. Thanks to this support, Amelia has a new-found faith in herself and what she is able to achieve.  

Gemma from Mortimer

Having not run since being a teenager and filled with bad memories of school races, Gemma decided to seize the opportunity of the Boudavida Women’s 10K to prove to her two daughters that This Girl Can. Since her first training run where Gemma found running for 60 seconds a struggle, she is now able to complete eight minutes running at a time after three weeks. This achievement came despite a hip injury, and trying to juggle family life. However, the biggest success for Gemma so far has been watching the positive effects her running has had on her daughters and friends. Gemma says: “My little girls…are realising that if mummy can run so can they… and other female friends of mine who thought that like me running wasn’t for them, are also considering dusting off their trainers.”  

Astrid from Reading

Astrid signed up to the Boudavida Women’s 10K as a means of hitting back at the people who had pulled her down and told her she couldn’t due to her weight. Whilst working on the couch-to-10K training program, Astrid has been surprised to see how much her mindset has changed since starting exercising. From being too scared to exercise despite wanting to, Astrid has now decided that exercise is something that she wants to permanently add as a lifestyle choice. As the countdown begins to the 10K, Astrid has noticed that she can run for longer, and walk less, and it consistently feels easier. Astrid is one determined lady who will prove that the people who doubted her in the past were wrong.

Charlotte from Reading

For Charlotte, the Boudavida Women’s 10K was the challenge that came along at the right time. It provided an opportunity to become part of a team, meet new friends, get fit, and improve her mental health. With Charlotte’s biggest hurdle being herself and getting motivated to train, she has been able to push through and currently goes out three times a week on a 5k route. Charlotte also took part in an Colour Rush obstacle 5K event in London last month, which she thoroughly enjoyed.

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