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The Best Running Tips of All Time (well we think so anyway!)

August 5, 2016


With our Boudavida Women’s 10k Windsor (formerly the Running4Women’s 10k) event just around the corner, our Windsor Running Festival Performance Expert, James Thie is here with his top tips to make those runs seem a little easier this summer!

  1. Run with others (or seek advice) – running with others makes training go faster and is more enjoyable than when you’re running alone. Working together you can build up your training plans, and it’s also been found that you’re more likely to exercise for longer and burn more calories when partnering, so grab a friend and your trainers, and get running!
  2. Mix it up! – a mistake many runners make is only training by going out for runs. It’s important that you maximise the impact of your training by incorporating alternative exercises such as CrossFit sessions into your plan, which are great for aiding recovery when injured. Varying the distance, location and speed of your runs will also help prepare you for race day.
  3. Massage your feet – often we forget to show our feet some love and given that every step we take, be it walk, jog or run uses them, it’s important to take good care of them! Try rolling a tennis ball or golf ball around under the sole of your foot after every run for around 30 seconds to keep them in tip top condition.
  4. Invest in good trainers – all the good work you’ve done taking care of, and stretching your body will go to waste unless you put the money into buying a reliable pair of trainers. Make sure you get these enough in advance to wear during training so that your feet are used to them on race day!
  5. That extra 10% - it’s important to be progressive in your training plan. You’ll want to steadily increase the distances you’re running over the coming weeks, but be sure there’s a structure to this – training should increase by no more than 10% each week and it’s incredibly important to include rest days every week. Trust us, your body will thank you for it!
  6. Slow it down (your breathing that is) – many people make the mistake of breathing too fast when running – trying to take in more oxygen means that you’re not giving your body a chance to get rid of the CO2 which will affect performance. Slow it down, relax into your routine and you’ll find the run much easier and more fun at the same time, win win!
  7. Try a midday run – yes it can be difficult to fit regular training runs into busy schedules and more often than not, the thought of getting up ridiculously early or running after a long day at work is not appealing. However, trying a run during lunch time will get you outdoors to break up the office routine, provide you with your daily dose of Vitamin D and prevent you from eating that extra chocolate biscuit!
  8. It’s all in the mind – some runners love listening to music, others prefer to tackle the open road without it. If you prefer running without your favourite tunes, but are struggling with motivation, why not focus on the reasons you’re running this race or memorise 10 inspirational quotes that you can repeat at particularly difficult points throughout the 10k. Similarly, visualisation is also great preparation – focusing on how you will feel during the race, picturing the course terrain and forward planning for certain scenarios will prime you for dealing with any event come race day.

If you’re keen to enter the race this September 23rd – be sure to register at

The Boudavida Women’s 10k Windsor, is supported by HOKA One One, the world’s fastest-growing, premium running shoe brand and Meridian Foods, the UK’s leading producer of nut butters. Meridian Foods are also the title sponsor of the Windsor Half Marathon and the official nutritional partner for the 10k.

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