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Spotlight on The Spark Jacket

January 14, 2018


Being based in Somerset in the UK means that we know a thing or two about the British weather.

Ever been caught in a shower when out on a run? We know that feeling. That’s why we designed and made the Spark Jacket that you can layer over your running gear to keep you dry and comfortable.

This week’s post sheds some light on the key technical features of this active wear product. Trust us – it performs.

Sealed seams

When fabric is stitched, it leaves small holes in the material which can let water pass through. To stop this, we have included gummed or rubber coated treatment on the inside of the jacket over all seams, thereby sealing any holes. This also creates a highly streamlined effect, meaning no bumpy seams or edges.

Stretch Fabric

Most sporting jackets are either waterproof or stretchy. Well, we thought, why not have both? We sourced a specific, stretchy and waterproof 100% polyester material that will both perform in a downpour, and have incredible flexibility. Being able to stretch and fit around your figure means that this jacket flexes and moves with you while you exercise.


We made sure that this fabric could go the distance by putting it through water resistance tests. Our design team left large quantities of water on fabric swatches for several days to see what happened. The answer was – nothing. All moisture stayed on the surface, and when we removed the water, the fabric was dry. No sign of a droplet anywhere. Fact: this fabric has a rating to stay dry for 18,000mm of rain (the British standard is 1,500mm for light rain so this jacket will get you through more than even the heaviest of downpours).

Back vent

We haven’t forgotten the key features too – like a breathable back vent. Even though you’re well covered, it’s important for your skin to be able to breathe when you’re exercising. In addition, the fabric will allow circulation, maintaining an even body temperature, whilst also wicking away any moisture from the skin.

Thumb holes

We also included our regular extended cuff and thumb holes in this design, featured in many of our winter layers and outerwear. These nifty sleeves will close the gap that would otherwise let in the elements. Pulling these cuffs down and over your hands will reduce the chill factor by keeping hands and forearms warm and keeping wind and rain out.


Other technical features

Super lightweight (great for travel)


Stand collar

Waterproof zip

Reflective geometric print

Zip close pockets


Why we made this product

So that you can be safe in the knowledge that your next outdoor activity will be a dry one.


Wear with

Kinetic Leggings

Rise Midlayer

Dynamo Vest


Great for







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