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Our Top Five Gym Bag Essentials

August 26, 2016


After days of “I’ll go tomorrow” or “I’m too tired” you’ve decided to put your gym membership to good use and we salut you! But first thing’s first, what essentials to pack? This doesn’t need to be a difficult task and to provide you with some inspiration, here’s a rundown of what can be found in our ‘Bouda Bag’….

1. FITBIT ALTA, £129.99 -

For us, a gym bag essential. We’ve become slightly addicted to data, and the Fitbit helps us stay on track and ensures we’re always hitting our targets. Everyone needs a little motivation from time to time and it acts as that nudge, encouraging us to work that little bit harder.

2. SWAGGER TEE, £55.00–

You won’t catch us stepping out without our trusted Swagger Tee, it’s such a versatile piece of kit – its oversized fit means it doesn’t cling to any of our lumps and bumps, giving us the confidence to smash our workout! Also, its fashionable, light-weight style means we even end up wearing it once we’ve left the gym! It’s our very own fashion accessory – perfect for the gym, the studio or the high-street.

3. FRANK BODY SCRUB, £11.95 -

After breaking a sweat, it’s important to take a shower to get rid of dirt and perspiration. Body scrub is great for cleansing your skin and bringing out that post-work out glow. Our ‘must-have’ is Frank’s Original Coffee Scrub - a one-way ticket to super smooth skin, it works every time.

4. WATERBOBBLE, £9.99-

Don’t get us wrong, we’re BIG smoothie fans but when it comes to our gym bag it’s all about H20 and thanks to the Bobble Sport water bottle we always have clean, crisp water to cool us down after a workout. Holding 650ml, the bottle stores enough hydration to see us through the most gruelling of HIIT sessions!

5. SHEA BODYMIST, £7.50 –

Everybody loves cocoa butter right? So, imagine our delight when we discovered The Body Shop’s very own Shea Body Mist! The delicious nutty scent is so light it’s perfect to spritz on after a workout – your body will feel refreshed and you’ll be left smelling super sweet.

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