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International Women's Day 2019

March 4, 2019

With International Women’s Day just around the corner we wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate all the amazing women paving the way for change and female equality! There are some incredible women out there doing great work so we’re sharing our personal favourites and the women we think deserve celebrating on March 8th (and every other day of the year!)

Podcasts we listen to

Guilty Feminist

An unbelievable six million of us list to podcasts each week so it’s no surprise that there is an array of fab female focused discussions happening. Our faves are:

The Guilty Feminist - The podcast that made feminism approachable and accessible. Deborah Frances-White and her wonderful guests tackle issues at the heart of society all while acknowledging none of us are perfect feminists. We’ll leave you all to come up with your own “I’m a feminist but..’.

The High Low - this weekly pop culture podcast tackles, as its name suggests, high and low brow topics. From Brett Kavanaugh to the M&S valentines day love sausage, journalists Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes are hilarious and thought provoking and their book suggestions will have you dashing to your nearest bookstore as soon as you’ve finished listening!

Made of Human - comedian Sofie Hagen speaks to her guests about life and how they function as human beings. It’s a great listen and compelling insight into what makes us all human.

Brands we love

Liv cycling:

Boudavida give 5% of our sales to women’s sport initiatives and we’re not the only brands giving back:

Selfish Mother - Fellow Somerset based brand Selfish Mother has been raising money for charity since launching in 2014. Through their #GoodTees movement almost £1 million has been donated to causes around the world - incredible work!

Liv Cycling - Liv has created a collection ranging from clothing to bicycles, aimed specifically at female cyclists and is the first brand to do so. Go Liv!

Bike Nicks - another female cycling company we love is Bike Nicks who make padded cycle undies enable women to feel confident and comfy on a bike or spin bike. So you can turn your Boudavida leggings into cycling leggings with these great pants.

Movements we support

Free Periods:

There are countless movements seeking to help women and girls in the UK and across the world. We’d be here forever if we listed all their good work so here are our top ones! We should also mention some wonderful movements for women’s sport, because after all it is what Boudavida is all about!

Free Periods - Started by 19 year old student Amika George, the Free Period movement aims to tackle the shockingly high levels of period poverty in the UK by ensuring free menstrual products are available in schools.

Women in Sport - Aiming to improve opportunities for women and girls and promote the lifelong rewards of sport, this organisation is working hard for sporting equality and we couldn’t be more behind it!

Women’s Sport Trust - Raising the visibility and increasing the impact of women’s sport, Women’s Sport Trust are promoting diverse athlete role models, increasing media coverage and improving the funding landscape. Great work!

SLOWE - A creative platform for women's sports coverage, SLOWE is changing the conversation around female teams and athletes by covering them properly. SLOWE preaches ‘Because women's sport is just sport’. Damn right.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our top picks of wonderful women - we’d love to hear who you’re celebrating this International Women’s Day.

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