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May 8, 2017

With every order, we donate 5% to one of our three current charities. This month, we’ve spoken with Katie Moggan, East Region Development Officer of Girls Golf Rocks to discover more about their fantastic work with women and girls sport

1. Tell us about how Girls Golf Rocks started?

The Girls Golf Rocks concept was initially launched in 2014 as part of discussions between The Golf Foundation, England Golf and The Essex County Association to have a county-wide push on girls’ golf. Many clubs we were working with were highlighting the need to engage more girls. Four golf clubs in the county were initially involved and the Essex County Girls Squad came up with the name, ‘Girls Golf Rocks’ as well as the creation of the Girls Golf Rocks Ambassadors.

2. What are the main barriers facing girl golfers?

I think the preconceptions of golf still plays a massive part of the reasons behind girls not playing. Many still believe that that it is an older man’s game, especially with the lack of female role models at a professional level in the media. Girls Golf Rocks looks to eliminate these ideas by introducing golf in a fun and social way in an environment they feel comfortable in. There is a big emphasis on the social side with opportunities for the girls to make new friends as well as learn new skills.

3. What are the main benefits of playing golf?

Golf has many benefits, not only the physical side such as learning new skills, being outside and improving fitness (did you know that you can burn more than a 1000 calories in a round of golf?!), but also the social side such as meeting new friends and being part of a club. Our ‘Skills for Life’ element is also very important as golf is very good at demonstrating key life skills such as honest, respect, co-operation and perseverance.

4. How many girl golfers does the programme have?

Last year we had 624 girls attend a taster day and 520 attended our structured coaching. We are really pleased with our 83% conversion rate from taster into structured activity and then those converting from the structured into a form of membership has been 44% which is great. We are looking to maintain a quality experience for the girls as we know when they are having fun with friends they are more likely to remain within the sport.

5. What is it about Girls Golf Rocks that attracts new players?

It is very much based around having fun and making new friends, whilst learning some new golf skills in the process! The coaches and clubs focus on this in the taster sessions to encourage all the girls to sign up for the further coaching opportunities. We also have Girls Golf Rocks Ambassadors, who are part of the County squads. They are girls who have played golf for a while and want to volunteer their time to give back to try and engage new girls into the sport they love. They are inspirational role models and true ambassadors for girls’ golf.

6. What would you say to girls considering the sport?

Just get involved and give it a go! Golf is sport for life that enables all people regardless of gender or ability to play together. It is a brilliant opportunity to make new friends and be part of welcoming clubs.

7. How did the success in Essex help launch the programme elsewhere?

Yes, the success we achieved demonstrated the approach we had taken was correct and we wanted to trial this elsewhere in the country. After reviewing the processes put in place we then approached eight further counties to work with us. The programme is constantly evolving and the appetite shown by other counties to work with The Golf Foundation and England Golf has been overwhelming!

8. What might your donation from Boudavida go towards?

The donation from Boudavida would be used to continue and expand the programme from 2018 onwards. We are continually looking to review and improve Girls Golf Rocks through feedback from participants, parents, coaches and clubs. Funding enables us to listen and action some of these ideas to ensure that even more girls start to play golf up and down the county.

Address :
Kilver Court Designer Village, Kilver Street,
Shepton Mallet,
Somerset - BA4 5NF
United Kingdom.
Tel : 01749 347303
Email :

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