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Fitness Trends For 2018

January 16, 2018


Want to know the newest trends in the health and wellness world this year? Look no further. Using research from Pinterest based on the most pinned workouts and most searched terms from the last 12 months, we’ve put together a list of everything that will take centre stage this year so you can always stay one step ahead.


Strength training

Strength training has always been an amazing way to build muscle mass and over recent years the barrier surrounding weights and women has started to decline (woohoo!). This year more and more people are set to hit the weights section in the gym and test what their bodies are capable of. With strength training you continue to burn calories even after you’ve finished working out. What’s not to love!



We’re all told of the importance of stretching out after a workout in order to help our bodies recover but this year it becomes a trend in itself! Specific classes designed to help you look after your body post-exercise and a focus on looking after ourselves are set to become very popular this year.  



You’re familiar with HIIT but have you heard about LIIT? LIIT sessions are still based on intervals of exercise but have a slightly slower pace while still enabling participants to burn the same amount of calories. How do they do it? Simply, LIIT sessions have a slower pace and longer recovery periods, taking 30 to 40 minutes longer than their HIIT counterpart. Anything from a casual walk or gentle swim with varying intensity throughout counts as a LIIT session - sign us up!


Hotpod yoga

Bikram and hot yoga has been revolutionised for 2018. Rooted in Vinyasa flow, Hotpod yoga, as its name would suggest, takes place in a temperature controlled 37°C inflatable pod. Described as ‘London’s biggest yoga craze’, the heated environment helps warm up the muscles and enables greater flexibility. Hotpod yoga can be found in many locations across the UK, more details can be found here.


Tai Chi

There’s nothing new about Tai Chi but according to Pinterest users 2018 may be its year! This is probably due to its stress relieving nature and ability to release pain and create whole body harmony - we all need some of that!


Yoga wheels

This new yoga accessory is a circular prop which aids yogis stretch out the front side of the body, massages the spine and can even assist in more advanced positions. Not just for yoga, the wheel can help anyone to release tension and gain flexibility.


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