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Eating like a Viking – The Nordic Way

June 14, 2017

Have you heard about the latest in health and nutrition? We’ve been catching up with Boudavida’s Nutrition Expert, Fiona Campbell, to understand what eating like a Viking is all about.

Here, Fiona explains more….

It’s not another fad diet: it’s a simple and sensible set of recommendations that will help you to lead a healthier lifestyle

The New Nordic Recommendations have been born from decades of research on the impact that certain nutritional advice and lifestyle practices across Europe have on your health.  They are also designed to respect and preserve the environment, and the food chain so that healthy food is sustainable for generations to come.

Personally, I’m uninspired when I open social media and see it crammed with filtered “selfies”, adverts for an ever-increasing number of fad diets, exercise programmes, and supplements to help you to achieve the latest celebrity body shape. 

As compelling (and ultimately depressing) as they are, unfortunately these images are not only difficult or impossible to attain; they could seriously damage your health and stifle your motivation rather than ignite it. 

But there’s good news!  You don’t have to do anything fancy or extreme to enjoy great health – you just need to get the basics right (like buying some Boudavida kit and getting your butt outdoors!) 

So, what is the Nordic Way?  Well, it’s a way of life that people in countries such as Sweden, Norway and Finland enjoy, and the most important elements are ones that you can implement regardless of where in the world you live. 

The Nordic Way focuses on important questions such as:


  • Where does your food comes from? Is it fresh, locally produced and in season?
  • What is your relationship with food? Do you chew well and take the time to enjoy it?
  • How much time do you spend with family and friends?
  • How well do you sleep?
  • How active or sedentary are you?
  • How much sunlight do you get?


Once you get started, you’ll notice some subtle but powerful things - like feeling satisfied with less food.  Your digestion will work better.  You’ll get a better nights’ sleep, and your cravings for unhealthy foods will vanish. You’ll have more energy, and you’ll be more productive during normal working hours so that you can enjoy more time with friends and family. It will be easier to manage your weight, and you’ll be a happier, healthier you. You’ll save money on your food bill too!

To find out more about the Nordic Way, you can check Fiona out at, or for a free 15 minute chat just drop her an email at

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