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Celebrating International Women's Day With A High Five #boudafive

March 6, 2018



Have you noticed that there has been more women’s sport televised this year than ever before?  That newsreaders now include the odd mention of a female athlete’s achievements and sky sports adverts now feature female athletes?  


Change is happening.  Little by little.  But this hasn’t happened out of nowhere.  It’s been a massive collective effort: the result of years of amazing individuals who have stuck their neck out to do their little bit to raise the profile of women’s sport.


This week’s blog is all about celebrating those amazing people who are working tirelessly behind the scenes and here at Boudavida we have found a way to acknowledge their efforts and achievements with the launch of our Boudafive campaign.  It seems only right to launch our campaign on International Women’s Day - a worldwide event that celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women while also calling for gender equality.


At Boudavida we are doing our bit by ensuring that 5% of the sale of our women’s activewear goes directly back into women’s sport.  We want to use this money to help create role models and communities of women and girls who believe as we do that sport and exercise is a vital part of living a healthy, happy life.  In short, we want to create a virtuous circle that supports women and girls who will one day inspire the next generation of women and girls to get active.


We are going to kick off our campaign by giving a virtual high five to a handful of people who we know are also working hard to level the playing field for women’s sport. We’d love it if you did the same.  


So if you know anyone doing their bit - however big or small - send a high five to show them you’re proud of what they’re achieving.


  1. Simply take a photo of yourself doing a high five,
  2. Tag in the women you want to celebrate (as many as you want).
  3. Encourage those to tag others that they find inspiring.
  4. Help us create an awesome chain by tagging #boudafive


Don't forget to follow Boudavida on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to follow the high five chain.


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