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Boudavida Tries... Squash

March 15, 2018

If you keep up to date with all things Boudavida you may remember we hit the driving range in January to try out golf as part of our ‘Boudavida tries’ challenge series. Our New Year's resolution was to try a new sport every month throughout the year to encourage you to do the same. We chose squash for February’s challenge as three of the team were completely new to the sport and eager to give it a go.

Here’s how we got on and our beginners guide to squash:

All about squash

All you need for a game of squash is a ball, racket and a wall or court, so it’s super simple to get started with it. We walked to our local leisure centre in Shepton Mallet during our lunch break, proving it’s really easy to fit a game of squash into your day. An average game usually lasts around 40 minutes so is perfect for a quick cardio burst in a busy day.

As complete novices, the team were given a quick low-down on the sport from our founder Anabel before we took it in turns to play each other. It's fairly simple to understand the basic principles of squash and to pick it up. We learnt the rules as we went along and were throwing ourselves around the court in no time!

At times it didn’t feel like we were getting a workout because we didn’t stop laughing throughout. However squash is amazing for fat burning as it’s a fast, cardio based sport. We certainly felt the efforts of our hard work on our muscle groups the next day!

Basics of Squash (for example 5 points)

  1. The aim is to hit the ball against the front wall until your opponent can’t return it anymore
  2. You must keep one foot in the service box as you serve
  3. Players must hit the wall above the board and below the out line.
  4. The ball is only allowed to hit the floor once before each shot, but it can hit as many walls as the you want
  5. Get ready to run, but try and get your opponent running more than you!


How you can get involved

Playing squash isn’t too expensive with courts available to hire in most sports centres across the country, usually costing less than £10 for a session. You can also hire rackets and balls so you don’t even need to invest in equipment. According to England Squash there are 500,000 people across England who play squash every month, with leisure centres also hosting leagues and competitions and dedicated clubs around the UK. They have a great website where you can search for your local squash facilities. While there is a strong participation in squash, England Squash have launched a ‘Squash Girls Can’ campaign to encourage and inspire more women and girls to participate in the sport. You can read more about the initiative, which is part of the incredible nationwide ‘This Girl Can’ campaign, here.

So if you’re after a fun workout where you get fit without even realising we would highly recommend squash. Squash can be played by all ages and abilities and once you get the squash thrill you’ll want to keep hitting the court.

If you’d like us to try a sport get in touch and give Boudavida a challenge at

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