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5 Yoga Poses to Boost Energy

March 17, 2017

As you know, we are big Yoga fans here at Boudavida so we were thrilled when Jayne Squires, Yoga Instructor and healthy living blogger, agreed to put together her top 5 poses to help us boost our energy levels.

Poses helped by her Boudavida Jazzy Leggings of course!

1 + 2. Cat and Cow

Come into table top position making sure that the wrists, elbows and shoulders are in one long line, and the knees and hips are stacked. On your next inhale, drop your belly as you draw your chest through the shoulders and bring the gaze up. Make sure not to crunch the back of the neck. On your next exhale, push the mat away from you as you round the shoulders, arch the spine and bring the gaze toward the navel. Repeat this sequence with your own breath, moving as fast or as slow as what feels good. 

3. Downward facing dog

Tuck your toes and then super slowly begin to lift your hips up and back, moving into downward facing dog. If it is your first one of the day take your time here. No rush! You can keep your knees bend to begin and focus on pushing the mat away from you, drawing down through your arm pits towards the floor and lengthening the low back. When you feel ready to (keeping that length you created in the low back) begin to send the heels down towards the mat, you can pedal the feet out here a little if you like. 

4. Low lunge

With hands behind head variation - From downward dog step the right foot forward in between your hands and then slowly lower the left knee and left foot down to the mat (tip: if you have sensitive knees you can grab a blanket for extra padding), interlace the fingers and place the hands behind the back on the head. On an exhale send the hips forwards, keeping the thighs drawing towards one another and begin to lift up through the chest. Keep the back of the neck long. 

5. High lunge

From your low lunge release the hands down the mat then push the mat away with the feet as you rise up to high lunge. If it feels good lift the hands up towards the sky, if that doesn't feel great you can keep your hands at heart centre. 

From here you can step back to downward dog or move through a vinyasa and then repeat the sequence on the other side. 


Jayne runs seasonal weekend yoga retreats in the UK, regular workshops and weekly classes. Be sure to check out Jayne’s website and follow her on Instagram too @jaynebecca

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