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28 tons of strawberries! Amazing Wimbledon Stats & Facts

July 16, 2017

What an amazing fortnight of Tennis! Wimbledon never fails to bring the feel-good factor to the start of the British Summer. We’ve been glued to our seats watching the wonders of the women’s and men’s game. But here, we wanted to share with you some of the lesser known, and yet amazing facts that bring the Championship together…

  1. Just under 500,000 spectators will visit Wimbledon over the course of the tournament. Watching approximately 534 players play 674 matches in 16 different competitions within the space of 13 days and just 13 acres
  2. 28 tons of strawberries are sold, plus 29,000 bottles of Champaign and 19,000 Wimbledon towels from the gift shop
  3. The strawberries come from a family farm in Kent, where they are picked from 4am each morning and rushed in vans to Wimbledon
  4. 320,000 glasses of Pimm’s’, 110,000 pints of beer, 86,000 ice creams and 16,000 portions of fish and chips will be consumed
  5. 54,000 tennis balls (two lorry loads) will be used over the two weeks. They are stored in two rooms beneath Centre Court at a constant temperature
  6. Throughout the winter, the grass is spoon-fed nutrients
  7. The Championship started in 1877, and the Two World Wars were the only missed years
  8. Each year, the 8,000-strong workforce are invited to add to ‘The List’; a compiled submission of suggestions to improve the Championship even further
  9. There are 170 Ball Girls and Ball Boys who start the tournament (whittled down from 800 applicants), selected based on their fitness and knowledge of the game. By the end, only 80 remain with the best chosen for the Finals
  10. 330 umpires and linesmen uphold the rules of Wimbledon
  11. The Championship Referee enforces a dress code with the help of a 100-page e-book of items rejected in the past
  12. A fleet of 165 limousines ferries players to and from Wimbledon
  13. Players have their own hairdressing salon, travel agency and theatre booking office inside the grounds
  14. More than 3,000 racquets are restrung by the 19 on-site stringers, using some 30 miles of polyester string
  15. The Centre Court dressing rooms have televisions tuned to football, rugby, cricket – anything but the tennis, so jittery players can take their mind of it
  16. There is also a one-hole putting green installed in the Centre Court dressing room as a distraction for players
  17. Rufus, a Harris Hawk, is brought to Wimbledon throughout the year, and early each morning of the tournament, to prevent pigeons fouling the seats or eating the grass seed
  18. 50,000 plants are tendered by The Head Gardener and his 16 assistants
  19. From 150 restaurants, food courts and kiosks, The Head of Food and Beverage, and his team of 2,200 – 330 of them Chefs – will feed 39,000 spectators each day, as well as 8,000 employees, 3,000 media, over 500 players, plus corporate guests, princes and prime ministers
  20. When the Championships are over, the tennis nets will be given to local schools. Around £15,000 from the sale of used balls, and £340,000 from reselling the seats, will be given to good causes by the Wimbledon Foundations – as will approximately £2,500 raised by auctioning the plants to employees


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