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10 weeks to Boudavida Women’s 10k Training Plan

July 14, 2017

We’re incredibly excited that the Boudavida Women’s 10k, Windsor is just 10 weeks away. To help you all get race-day ready, we have enlisted the help of Personal Trainer, Arron Collins – Thomas, who has put together a bespoke Boudavida Warrior 10-weeks-to-10k training plan.

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Over to you Arron:

“This is perfect for those of you who may be running your first 10k. The first few weeks are about getting started, for some this may seem easy, but don’t push it yourself more than what is in the plan. The aim is to build up slowly over the 10 weeks to allow your body to adapt and strengthen in a safe and healthy manner.

I understand that everyone has a busy schedule so I have written this plan around 3 days of training a week with a maximum time of 60 minutes needed to do each training session. Around this, I would recommend that you have at least 2 days rest a week and slightly active recover sessions on days between workouts.

Recommended training schedule -

Mondays - Rest day / Active recovery

Tuesday - Intervals

Wednesday - Rest / Active recovery

Thursday - Tempo

Friday - Rest / Active recovery

Saturday - Rest / Active recovery

Sunday - Long steady run

If you need to change the training days around to fit your lifestyle feel free, just try to make sure you keep the program balanced with a rest day / recovery session between each run.

Rest / Active recovery - Active recovery is used to speed up the amount of time it takes your body to recover after intense exercise. It is a gentle workout, such as a swim or a walk, that aids the body to repair. This active recovery is best used if you are feeling stiff or sore and on days after your longer run if you still want to do something. Its slow paced and continuous for 20/30mins.

Tempo run -  A tempo run in this program is 20-30min at a faster pace than you would normally run. This type of training is used to help you improve your speed and it should gradually increase as the plan goes on.

Intervals - At the start of the program you will be performing walk / steady run intervals. As the weeks go by you will progress to faster paced intervals with a jog recovery opposed to walking.

Steady pace - This is the pace you will run your longer distances at. This pace should be relaxed and a pace you could keep up for a long time.

Soon, you’ll be able to understand your own running speeds and stamina which will help you to figure out your tempo and natural rhythm, helping you to realise how hard to push yourself in each run.

If a workout is too tough just step it back a little or walk for a few mins to get your breath back before continuing to run again.

Most importantly, GOOD LUCK, enjoy your training and look forward to race day! “

Be sure to check out ToniqLife online , on Instagram @toniqlife and Facebook @toniqlife.

WK Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
1 20 mins easy running.

if you need to slow down and walk for a while you can. Don't over do it to early.

5 mins slow running,

2 mins walk.

x 3 rounds.

(21 mins total)

25 mins Slow run
2 20 mins easy running 5 mins slow running.
1 min slightly faster,2 mins walk.x 5 rounds.
5 mins slow running.(25 mins total)
30 mins Steady running
3 20 mins easy running 5 mins slow running.
2 mins slightly faster,2 mins walk.x 5 rounds.
5 mins slow running.(30 mins total)
35 mins Steady running
4 25 mins Tempo running 8 mins slow running.
2 mins at tempo,2 mins walk.x 5 rounds.
8 mins slow running (36 mins total)
40 mins Steady running
5 25 mins Tempo running 10 mins slow running.
3 mins at tempo, 2 mins walk x 5 rounds
5 mins steady running.(40 mins total)
45 mins Steady running
6 25 mins Tempo running 10 mins slow running.
4 mins at tempo, 2 mins walk/jogx 5 rounds
5 mins steady running.(45 mins total)
50 mins Steady running
7 30 mins Tempo running 10 mins steady running.
5 mins at tempo.1 min walk/jog.x 5 rounds
8 mins steady running.(48 mins total)
55 mins Steady running
8 30 mins Tempo running 10 mins steady running.
6 mins tempo.30 sec walk.x 6 rounds
10 mins steady running  (59 mins total)
60 mins Steady running
9 30 mins Tempo running 10 mins steady running.
8 mins tempo.1 min walk/jog.x 4 rounds
10 mins steady running  (56 mins total)
45 mins Steady running
10 20 mins steady running 20 mins steady running Race day!

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